SunFoodYoga offers life enhancing yoga retreats with delicious vital raw food in the beautiful nature of the Alpujarra mountain area in Southern Spain.

Surrounded by the high mountain peaks of the Sierra Nevada, rushing rivers, wild flowers and the costa Tropical with the sea nearby, it is the perfect setting to experience the power of yoga, pranayama and meditation, as well as living on a pure raw food diet enhanced with superfoods!

Tara with more than 30 years of yoga experience will guide you with her excellent team of raw food chefs into celebrating this life style. Learn how to make (raw) pizza's, lasagna, chocolates and more...

Give yourself the gift to relax, rejuvenate and energize your body, mind and soul for a weekend, one week or 10 days. We also offer Juice Fasting- Detox and Wisdom of Horses Meditation Retreats.

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Pure Radiance Online Course

Pure Radiance Online Course

Whether you want to do more yoga and meditation, tune into the chakra system or learn how to add more life food into your diet this Online Course will provide you with all the tools to refresh re-new & rejuvenate your body from the inside out .

This program offers a six-month journey and guiding experience with videos, audios and handouts to help you on your journey to radiant health!

Become freer, more awake and fully alive!

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"RAW FOOD Main essentials"

with over 30 rawfood recipes that you can easy integrate into your daily schedule.

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Learn more about Tara and her team...

  • Hi, I’m Tara

    Hi, I’m Tara

    -Welcome to SunfoodYoga Retreats- We’re all about creating vibrant health, both personal and planetary. In our retreats we empower and support each other to live the Raw Yoga Lifestyle. A journey to heal and awaken ourselves back to wholeness, unleashing our full potential to live an awakened life!

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  • Pam Cruda

    Pam Cruda

    I live and work in the Alpujarras, and am a self confessed foodie. I have been on a health journey since waking up with psoriasis on my face for my 21st birthday. Realizing quite early on," We are what we eat ". I offer nearly 30 years of alternative culinary skills. Macrobiotic, Ayurvedic, Gluten free, Dairy free, and moved with this knowledge more into Rawfood in the last 10 years. "Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be my food" (Hippocrates).

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  • Amanda Norris

    Amanda Norris

    "I am one of the raw food chefs on the SunfoodYoga retreats in Spain. My aim is to make your retreat an inspirational taste sensation. Along side preparing the three main meals of the day, I will be hosting various workshops (crackers, chocolates and gourmet cakes). Demonstrating how to make raw food easy,tasty and impressive! Like many, bad health pushed me to look within and to see my life as a whole. I realized that with the combination of good food, yoga, meditation, creativity and nature, the real you can shine through and you can enjoy living life to the full. I will be on hand for any questions you may have, or to lend a sympathetic ear to anyone that might need it.

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  • Sam Meadon

    Sam Meadon

    Certain things come along and change your life. This beautiful retreat is one. I feel so so peaceful and content and able to face life with renewed grace. Thank you Tara for your beautiful, elegant and peaceful teaching.

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