Yoga means union!  The union of body and mind. Yoga brings well-being on many levels and connects us with an inner wisdom where we feel the connection with all beings and things.

chakras2Yoga works on many levels to bring about well-being.Through stretching, strengthening and aligning the body it becomes more open.
This helps to clear and cleanse the energy channels in the body called 'nadis', so the Prana or life-force energy can flow more freely and this creates changes on all levels: physical , emotional and spiritual.
Then through breath awareness and contemplation we start to tune into a higher consciousness, giving us greater clarity and wisdom.

In SunFoodYoga retreats the yoga is designed to rejuvenate, energize and relax the body and clear the mind. Certain yogic techniques promote tissue regeneration and slow down the ageing proces. Morning classes tend to be more active as one tends to have more energy at this time of the day and the afternoon sessions are more regenerative and relaxing. The idea is to promote self-practice, to offer a tool for reconnecting. Practicing yoga is a healing proces. It is not about getting the poses picture perfect, but about being sensitive to our body and tuning into our inner voice.

Hatha Yoga
Hatha Yoga is not just an exercise system. It is a 500 year old holistic path of Self development that begins with the body as a tangible way to effect all aspects of our being. 'Ha' means sun and 'tha' means moon, balancing our male and female qualities. Hatha yoga aims for the union of all the splintered aspects of ourselves. 

Yin Yoga -
Yin yoga is a practice of long-held, deeply relaxing "stretching" poses that open the Nadis and the "meridians" (energy pathways of the body) restoring youthful joint mobility as activate and gather Prana, the life force. The Asanas combined with deep, focused breathing encourage us to tune in and listen to our body and surrender to our feelings rather than trying to push them down or control them. Poses are held between two to ten minutes, to liberate the body's chronic holding patterns and emotional blockages, helping one to recapture some of the ease and freedom of movement you used to have as a child. One of the most potent ways to cultivate the body's subtle energy, Yin enables us to heal ourselves, move traumatic blockages out, prevent injury and find a deep sense of peace in the body, mind and spirit.

yoga asana zonnegroetSometimes we forget our essence. Yoga helps to shine the light of consciousness into the darkness. On a physical level, yoga makes the body more supple, mobile and relaxed; on a mental level it reduces stress and anxiety making one more aware of the present moment and on a spiritual level one feels more open and tuned in with one’s higher self or inner Divinity. Yoga in combination with a healthy and light diet leads to a spontaneous lightness of body and mind, a sense of natural energy, wholeness, vitality, joy and a sense of well-being at all levels.

Think of your yoga practice as a time for renewal. Your sacred time for communion with the Divine. Here you can let go of any self judgements and worries and ground yourself in your inner temple. Feeling each asana as a prayer.

tara inti beachWhat has been taught under the name of yoga is a minute part of this great tradition. In the west yoga is mostly focused on the physical aspect. Yoga really is a way of life that allows for total transformation.
Hatha yoga starts with a progressive series of steps or disciplines which purify body, mind and spirit, leading to liberation of suffering and ultimately to enlightenment.


LaHerraduraAttitude / Restraints (Yama):

Non-violence (Ahimsa)
Truthfulness (Satya)
Non stealing (Ateya)
Moderation (Brahmacharya)
Non possiveness (Aparigraha)

Orientation / Observances (Niyama)

Purity (Saucha )
Contentment (Santocha)
Self discipline (Tapas)
Self study (Svadyaya )
Surrender to Divinity (Ishvara Pramidana)

Postures (Asana)yoga-asana

Breath control (Pranayama)
Meditative internalisation (Pratyahara)
Meditative Concentration (Dharana)
Meditative Contemplation (Dhyana)
Meditative Absorption (Samadhi)


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